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We've identified some of the qualifications that a successful candidate should possess. First, we are seeking a sophisticated business people. Experience with operating high-volume restaurants, retail operations is a plus point. You should have knowledge in the areas of real estate, business costs, and operations. Naturally, a love for entertainment is an important quality, as are maturity, stability and high personal standards of honesty, integrity, and excellence.

In addition, you or your investor group will be required to meet minimum financial standards.

  • Must have approx. 600sq.ft of space with clear height of at least 10-13ft. at a prime location preferably in/near an amusement park, Science Centre, multiplex, mall, tourist place, religious tourism place etc.
  • Must be able to invest around Rs. 40 Lacs towards interior works of the theatre as per design, franchisee fee and refundable deposit.
  • Ready to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement with the company.
  • Good entrepreneurial and management skills.
  • Having vision and enthusiasm to be successful.
  • Franchisee shall be free to do any advertisement or promotional activity using Franchisor logos, brand names (except extending discounts without prior consent).

The above figures are for a 24 seat FunZ 5D™ Theatre.