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When you become part of the FunZ 5D Theatre franchise family, you'll take benefits from a well-planned line up of support services.

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FunZ 5D is all set to become the leader of 4D/5D Theatres and Family Entertainment industry. It is needless to mention that the quality of the installation and overall experience for the visitors shall be world class. Our standard layout, designs and interiors take into account the comfort, convenience and an out of the world multisensory experiences. In addition, the designs optimize the use of available space and resources to the best advantage of our associates.

Comprehensive Training: Training will cover the areas of administrative procedures, unit operations and maintenance, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, sales/marketing, promotions and much more. You or your team will take part in the training, which will give you a whole details for operating FunZ 5D theatres. An experienced field manager from FunZ 5D Cinemas will be on hand to provide on-site assistance both before and after your grand opening.

Technical Support & Spares: Regular visits of our service engineers shall ensure preventive maintenance of the machinery. Availability of spares will ensure that there are minimum downtimes and the theatre operations run smoothly.

Film Booking: We'll provide turn-key booking support to keep you in the pipeline of the most up-to-date 4D/5D releases specifically customized to your market. The best part is that you get the pricing advantage and licensing flexibility. In addition, we provide the ticketing software for efficient monitoring of revenue.

Consumables for Special Effects: No need to run here and there for refilling the consumables. We act as one stop shop for all your consumable requirements.

Site Selection: We'll provide you all the guidelines and advice for choosing an appropriate location for your installation.

Pre-Show Area: Pre-Show Area: Our creative and experts team will provide you the theming solutions for the pre-show area to heighten the overall experience for the audiences waiting for the show to begin.

Business Meets: We will facilitate the sharing of best practices and revenue-generating ideas among the members of the FunZ 5D Cinema system.

Purchasing: You will receive the benefit of any volume pricing options we negotiate for the benefit of all the members of FunZ 5D.

Operations Manual: You'll receive an in-depth operations manual which is packed with information on operating a FunZ 5D Cinema. This detailed "script" is well-organized to provide you a quick reference to procedures, systems and much more.

Marketing Assistance: We'll adept all the marketing concept and will share our expertise with you. All members of FunZ 5D systems will have access to professionally produced advertising materials for use on the local level.

Ongoing Operational Support: You'll take the advantage of our ongoing training and support in operations and marketing. If you ever have questions or need assistance, we're only a phone call or an email away. Plus, a trained regional field manager will visit your location to provide any help you may require.